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I saw my regular OB today, and she said I wouldn’t necessarily have to have a C-section, especially if I went into labor before 40 weeks. A lot of it will just depend on how big the baby is, and that’s something that I have no control over. Well, I mean, I could let my blood sugar go to hell and she’d probably get really huge, but I certainly don’t want that. Man, I hate shit I can’t control.

Cesarean or not, I’ll get an epidural, so that’s a positive.

I also asked about the accuracy of the weight estimates – she said they were typically accurate plus or minus a pound. This means that the baby could be anywhere from 4.14 pounds (about right for this stage) to 6.14 pounds at the highest (way too big this early in the game). So that’s potentially encouraging – or not at all, depending on my level of optimism at any given moment.

This all brings me to a solicitation of advice. Because I want to avoid a C-section if at all possible, and because the whole being pregnant thing has gotten really old, when I hit 37 weeks (full term), I want to try as many of the unproven labor-inducers as possible – as long as they’re safe. By that I mean the things you hear about like eating pineapple, exercising, indulging in spicy foods, etc.

So if you know of something that seemed to work for you or someone you know, leave it in the comments. Ultimately, I’ll clear anything I do with my doctor before I do it. I’m sure she won’t attest to the effectiveness of it, but she can tell me if it’s safe.


Written by janeqpublic

March 2, 2012 at 4:06 am

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