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Every year in the spring or summer* I get small ants in the bathroom**. Normally I just spray an insecticide and that takes care of it, but last summer I was already pregnant, so I was scared to use the bug spray.

I tried a few tricks that I’d heard – Windex, Febreze (I tried the regular stuff and the air freshener spray), but nothing has worked. The ants have been hanging out in our shower all this time. In fact, they got even worse just today. I killed 16 of them when I first got up this morning, and I’ve probably killed at least that many throughout the day. I’m so tired of rinsing smashed ants off of my fingers!

I read today that a spray bottle of water with a little bit of peppermint essential oil will repel them (I’ve got zero objection to killing them, but I didn’t feel like buying all of the ingredients needed for the deadly spray). Hopefully that will work, especially since it should smell pleasant.

I’d like for whatever the solution is to be one that works well enough so that I wouldn’t mind continuing to use it. For one thing, I’m a little leery of spraying insecticide all over the tub even after the baby is born, just because she’ll be in such close contact with those surfaces. Plus, homemade solutions generally are cheaper, and it wouldn’t hurt being a little greener.

If you’ve tried something that worked well for you, I’d be interested in hearing about it in case this peppermint thing doesn’t work.

*It’s weird to me that the ants show up during warm weather. Shouldn’t they wait and come in when it’s cold like the stupid mice did? Seems counter-intuitive. Of course, they’ve been crawling around for a year, but sometimes there are just one or two, whereas on a warm day like today, there have been hordes of them.

**Um, also, why do the ants come to the bathroom? Wouldn’t the kitchen make more sense?


Written by janeqpublic

March 7, 2012 at 6:27 am

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