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My opinions, and oh, I’ve got them – Part 4 of 5

The people who want to edit your birth plan are probably the same people as the “oh you’ll give that up” people. My specific examples of that are in the cloth diapering and breastfeeding situations.

I’ll complain about the cloth diapering thing today and the boob lunch counter tomorrow.

I decided early on that I was going to go with cloth diapers. I’m not terribly environmentally conscious – it isn’t that I wouldn’t like to be, but I haven’t had a lot of time to put into thought or effort on the subject. This was mostly a financial choice. Anyone will tell you, whether or not they used cloth diapers, that disposables are expensive. So we’re doing cloth to save money.

When I told my dad, the original Negative Nancy (I couldn’t think of a K word to go with Ken, but I guess Defeatist Dale would also work), that we were going to use cloth diapers, he said “Oh, you don’t want to do that. Those are a pain.” Ugh. This is so typical of him, but I wanted to punch him anyway.

One good way to handle this sort of thing is to remind them that cloth diapers are very different from they way they were 30 years ago when they were on my butt. Yes, you can still get those pre-fold things that need the pins (you can even skip the pins and go for these), and then buy a diaper cover to go over it, or you can simplify. Now they make two incredibly convenient types of cloth diapers – All-In-Ones (which are exactly as they sound – all one piece, only different from disposables in that they are washed and reused instead of thrown away), and Pocket Diapers (basically an all-in-two because the diaper has a little pocket where you put a cloth insert for absorbency). Totally easy.

To add to the convenience that’s available in cloth diapering now that my parents didn’t have with me, is the diaper sprayer. It’s basically like a kitchen sprayer that hooks up to your toilet’s water supply and enables you to rinse poop off of the diaper before you throw it into your diaper pail.

(TIP: If you purchase one that’s marketed as just a diaper sprayer, you’re going to pay around $45. Take a look at eBay, where they’re usually marked as “diaper sprayer/bidet.” I got one there for $15 or $20 and it was very easy to hook up. Plus, it helps with keeping the toilet clean.)

Anyway, cloth diapering isn’t so hard, and I’m determined to succeed at it. I’m most likely going to use disposables when I’m away from home, but I’m willing to try cloth diapers on the go. I’m also going to give cloth wipes a shot at home, but I’m not super optimistic on those.

Comments for this post are closed. I’ve learned that mothers and mothers-to-be can be an easily-angered, opinionated and judgmental group (obviously I’m no exception). In order to prevent myself from having one more thing to get mad about, I’m not really interested in hearing that you disagree. This is really my last place to vent, since Twitter and Facebook (oh especially you, Facebook) have become minefields. If you don’t like my opinion, no one’s forcing you to read.


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March 9, 2012 at 5:15 am

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