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Big ass baby

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Oh boy. I guess “oh girl” is more appropriate.

I went to the doctor today and the good old measuring tape has me measuring at 38 weeks. Tomorrow, I will be 35 weeks pregnant. So yeah.

I should mention that this does not mean that the due date has been miscalculated – I know pretty much exactly when I got pregnant because we were trying.

My main question (which came up, of course, after we left the doctor’s office) was this: have her lungs developed at the same rate – meaning that it would be safe to give birth at any time – or is it just her body that’s three weeks ahead of schedule? I had trouble getting anything definitive, but a little googling has be believing that her lung maturity probably isn’t quite there yet. No big deal. I have no reason to believe that I’m in any danger of going to labor in the next couple of weeks, but I honestly wish it was ok for her to come out now. I’m anxious to meet her, and I’m so, so over being pregnant.

Oh well.

The good news is that in two weeks, I really will be at full term, and then it will be ok for her to show up any time.

Written by janeqpublic

March 16, 2012 at 7:35 am

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