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My legs recovered, so I went out for another run/walk this morning. It was better this time, and I’ve improved slightly. I didn’t feel like puking after, and I feel great right now. Check with me on that again tomorrow morning…

I’m having trouble settling on an app for tracking my runs. I’ve used RunKeeper for a long time (previously just for walking), and I like it, though I can’t really point to a specific reason. I’ve also been auditioning Nike+ and MapMyRun. Nike+ is pretty, but I’m not sure there’s much in it for me.

MapMyRun has the least attractive interface of the three, but I like that I have the ability to plan a route ahead of time from my computer. You can do that with Nike+, but the mapping feature for MapMyRun is a little easier to use. I haven’t tried out one of my custom maps on either app yet. I was primarily interested in being able to do that because we’re headed to St. Augustine in October, and we will be staying in a neighborhood that’s great for running.

I also downloaded Endomondo this afternoon. I haven’t used it yet, but it doesn’t look all that impressive. I’m still thinking it over, but MapMyRun may win out. The one thing that is missing from all of these apps (unless I overlooked it) in both free and paid versions, is any option to set timed intervals. I found a separate app for that (I think it was just called Interval Timer), and it looks like it will work just fine, but I’d prefer to have everything in one app. Oh well. I’ll live.


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July 12, 2013 at 12:09 am

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