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Ugh… a setback

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According to my husband and Dr. Google, I have patellar tendinitis. The description sounds right anyway. Anyway, it cost me a day of running (couldn’t have walked either), and I worry that I may lose the small amount of progress I’ve made. However, J.R. ran out and got me a couple of knee straps, and they relieved almost all of the pain immediately. I was sort of amazed.

I need to read up on this problem a little more closely, but J.R. made it sound like the knee straps were going to have to be a permanent thing for me when I’m running. I’ve got a checkup somewhere in the not-too-distant future, so I’ll let the doctor decide for sure.

The other day I messing with the app I use to track calories (Lose It!), and I had a little surprise. I wanted to make sure I was still ok to be eating the number of calories I had been – almost 1500 – since I’ve lost some weight. Um no. It turns out that, during one of my failed attempts at dieting, I had put in an adjustment to add 225 to the number of calories allowed since I was still producing milk at the time. I guess I never removed it.  It’s not a huge deal, since that’s around the amount that I’ve been burning on my running days, and I’m exercising and swimming on the in-between days, but it was still a surprise.

I’ve fixed it now, and it’s at 1266. I’m sad to see the calories go, but this may jumpstart my weight loss some. I haven’t seen a change in about a week, though that’s probably related to the running.

I guess I need to start eating a ton of produce if I want to stay within the limit without starving.


Written by janeqpublic

July 19, 2013 at 8:50 am

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