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Sooooo weak

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I don’t know how a small child recovered more quickly from a stomach bug than her parents, but I’m glad. J seems to be a lot better, but with a little dehydration. I think I was hit the hardest, so I’m still struggling to bounce back.

My stomach troubles seem to be over, but I’ve got a gnarly stomach virus hangover. I’m exhaust and weak, and worst of all, I have this stupid headache from the dehydration. Oh, and my hips are aching. Weird.


Pedialyte. Ick.

I suppose I don’t have to feel guilty about not running yesterday or today. I lost five pounds in a matter of hours yesterday. The stomach virus diet is not one I can recommend. I would have preferred hard work and watching what I ate to the misery that caused the weight loss.

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March 6, 2014 at 8:25 pm

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  1. […] a sucktacular week. Between ice storms, a driveway blocked by a tree, and an awful stomach virus, I was glad to get back to the greenway this morning. Running went well – I did 22 straight […]

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