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I keep seeing the quote “Even a bad run is better than no run at all.” It’s really true. Today’s run was not so great, but after looking at some of the data, I wouldn’t even call it “bad.” It just didn’t go how I’d wanted.

I took off on my usual route, planning to run 30 minutes, and I got through most of it. I was probably somewhere around 22-24 minutes in when I just couldn’t do it. I slowed to a walk. I figured that if I caught my breath and started back up, I’d be able to run the rest. Nope. I ran and stopped two more times. Finally ending the running portion of my workout after 28:13.

I was pretty disappointed until I looked at the details that Runkeeper had recorded. First of all, 28 minutes of mostly running is not too bad. According to the estimate of calories burned, I hadn’t done too badly, either. It wasn’t as much as usual, but still over 300. Then I looked at my average pace. It came out as 10:29 per mile. On my run that went fine yesterday, I was at 10:26. I thought it was a little odd, considering that the 10:29 average also took into account the three times I stopped to walk. I solved the mystery of why I hit that wall, though – I had gone too fast through part of my run and used up all of my energy.

I figured out when it happened when it finally occurred to me to look at the splits.


Um yeah. Mile 2. I still don’t know that much about running, but it is was my assumption that a 10 minute mile was not competitive, but a respectable and very average time. J. acted like it was a big deal that I ran a sub-10 minute mile in there. It’s a big deal to me (and clearly why my body gave out on me), but it doesn’t seem like it should be that big in comparison to other more experienced runners. But I don’t know.

I’m not in this for speed – at least not for now. In fact, I’m still struggling to try and figure out how to keep my pace steady and relatively slow so I can go longer. That’s really hard! I’ve also noticed that it is hard for me to slow myself down when I feel like I’m going faster than what is sustainable. So weird. All this to say that I’m am still very much a beginner.

Tomorrow is going to be a much-needed rest day. Rest day still means walking three miles, but that’s nothing now that I run that much most days. It feels like taking it easy. I’m so glad spring is here.

Oh, and that playlist I made yesterday – so fun. It reminds me of being a teenager, which in the form of nostalgia, is way more fun than it actually was. 🙂

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March 21, 2014 at 8:07 am

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