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I’m making a bigger and better effort to grow a bunch of food this year. I planted a bunch of seeds in peat pellets the other day, but I didn’t want to spend money on those flimsy plastic greenhouses. Then a little lightbulb appeared over my head…


I have a bunch of these super cheap Sterilite containers. They suck. Half the time, the little latches don’t even work. This is a small one, made for holding index cards.


I put the peat pellets in the lids, soaked them, and planted the seeds.


I closed them upside down, and voila! Mini-greenhouses.

I didn’t take a picture, but I have a larger one – shoebox-sized – that I did the same way. So far I’ve planted kale, spinach, lettuce and broccoli. Tomorrow I’ll be planting multicolored carrots, but those are being sown directly outside.


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March 16, 2014 at 9:26 am

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I did it!

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make yourself proud


Yesterday was the first day the training app had me running 28 minutes. I did it, and it wasn’t all that bad. I was supposed to run 28 for three days before moving on to 30. I said “fuck it” this morning, and I ran 30. This is a milestone for me, as it was my first really solid running goal. It also allows me to make the loop around the greenway in just the amount of time I have available for running (on weekday mornings, anyway).

I’m going to reward myself by taking it easy and just working on getting more comfortable with the 30 minute runs around the greenway before I tackle any new challenges. The direction I go is relatively mild hill-wise, and the hardest part ends right about the time I hit the halfway point. I think that when it starts to feel a little easy, I’m going to switch directions, as there are a couple of challenging hills when going the other way. I’d like to have a nice butt at some point in my life.

Oh, I also rewarded myself with some Peeps, because I FUCKING LOVE PEEPS.

I listened to a playlist that is borrowed from one I found on Design*Sponge. The theme should be relatively obvious. Some of it isn’t really running-friendly, but I enjoy it, so who cares? Also, I’ve had Astral Weeks stuck in my head all day!

Better than no run at all

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I’m tired.

J. ran with me on Saturday, since he’s doing The Color Run and Color Me Rad with me. He ran in high school, so he has a lot more experience and was able to jump in and do 25 minutes without working up to it. I did it as well. It was tough, but I didn’t feel like I was going to die or anything. I think I ran a little faster than I would’ve liked. I guess I was trying to keep up. In addition to having running experience, J. is 6’4″, so he can cover a lot of ground.

I had every intention of running another 25 minutes on my own Sunday, but I realized that my legs were really tired and could use a break, so I skipped it.

This afternoon J. and I set out to do another 25 minutes, but it didn’t really work out. First we couldn’t find an available grandparent to watch Z. for 40 minutes or so, so we had to bring her a long and run in consecutive shifts. Unfortunately my shift ended early. I think I got in about 18 or 19 minutes of running, which isn’t bad, but it’s not progress. I was having a tough time, but I kept pushing through until I just couldn’t do it anymore. I was out of breath! I think I was running too fast.

After that, I traded off with J. and took the stroller so he could run. I think he only got in 18 minutes as well. I’ll just have to try again tomorrow. Anyway, all of this pushed my training schedule back a couple of days, but I’m hoping I can keep it together from here on out – meaning I would be able to run 30 minutes by next Tuesday. There’s not any reason for me to be in such a hurry to hit 30 minutes other than it being a goal I’ve set for myself.

I was really disappointed with my failure this afternoon until I looked at the numbers. I ran 2.43 miles, and then I walked an additional 1.31 miles after that, totaling 3.74 miles – a little more than I currently do on a successful run. Better still, the estimate of calories burned for both activities came in at 380. When I ran 25 minutes on Saturday, the estimate for calories burned came up at 330.

I listened to most of the mix I made the other day. Meh. It serves its purpose. I am willing to listen to some stuff while running that I wouldn’t enjoy in other situations. I guess it’s the tempo.

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March 11, 2014 at 5:29 am

Back at it

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What a sucktacular week. Between ice storms, a driveway blocked by a tree, and an awful stomach virus, I was glad to get back to the greenway this morning. Running went well – I did 22 straight minutes this morning (a new record for me), and I handled it pretty well. Apparently I’m not fully recovered from the hell virus, because it shook my stomach up a bit, but I think I’ll be fine tomorrow.

It was around 30ºF which, at this point, isn’t a big deal to me. I did two consecutive days this week (or maybe last week… I don’t know what day it is anymore!) in 22ºF, so that has changed my perspective. I’ll be thankful when things are a little warmer though, because I hate dragging so much shit along to stay warm. I’m ready to leave the gloves, hat, neck gaiter and jacket behind.

Tomorrow I jump from 22 minutes to 25, and barring unexpected occurrences like those of this week, my schedule shows that I should be doing 30 minutes by next Saturday. That was my first running goal, so I’ll reassess from there.

I’m overdue for a fresh running playlist, and I figured that I should make one that fell around 40 minutes to cover the warm up and cool down in addition to the run, so I threw one together. There aren’t any songs on here that I feel super strongly about, so I don’t know how much I’ll enjoy this one. At heart, I’m a music lover, so I have it in my head that every playlist has to be this epic thing into which I’ve poured my feelings. In reality, I don’t have time for that most days. So if it sucks, that’s my excuse.


Sooooo weak

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I don’t know how a small child recovered more quickly from a stomach bug than her parents, but I’m glad. J seems to be a lot better, but with a little dehydration. I think I was hit the hardest, so I’m still struggling to bounce back.

My stomach troubles seem to be over, but I’ve got a gnarly stomach virus hangover. I’m exhaust and weak, and worst of all, I have this stupid headache from the dehydration. Oh, and my hips are aching. Weird.


Pedialyte. Ick.

I suppose I don’t have to feel guilty about not running yesterday or today. I lost five pounds in a matter of hours yesterday. The stomach virus diet is not one I can recommend. I would have preferred hard work and watching what I ate to the misery that caused the weight loss.

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March 6, 2014 at 8:25 pm

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Not great

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It’s an honor* to be initiated into the club of parents whose entire household gets taken down by a stomach bug. I guess I should be grateful that we made it through nearly two years as parents before this happened. I’ll get right on that grateful thing as soon as I’m done feeling like dog shit.

Needless to say, I didn’t run today. I’ll feel guilty about that – again, when I stop feeling like used Dog Chow.

Judging by how long Z was sick, this should be over pretty quickly. Bleh.

Time for me to get back to thinking I’m going to puke/never puking.

*not an honor

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March 6, 2014 at 5:35 am

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Ice storm

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After Saturday’s run, I said that the one on Sunday would seem easy. I was surprised to find out that I was wrong. I didn’t have trouble breathing – I think my heart and lungs have really caught up – but my legs were sooooo tired. Luckily, I was scheduled for a rest day today anyway.

Of course, I wouldn’t have had a choice on not running today. We’re in the middle of a bit of an ice storm, and I’m stuck at the house. I can handle running in the cold, but I’m not running on ice. Do people even do that? Surely not. Add to that the fact that we live on a really steep hill, and the idea of trying to navigate it is like instant death.

I’m stressed about tomorrow, though. I’ve quit running in my immediate neighborhood since a neighbor told me that someone tried to pull a woman into a car nearby. I think it may have been several years ago, but still… Anyway, I go to our nearest greenway, which I love. Unfortunately, the makeup of our neighborhood and the distance from my house to the trailheads makes it just this side of “too inconvenient to walk there,” so I have to drive to a trailhead to run.

Running tomorrow morning is starting to look impossible. First of all, with the wind chill, the temperature at my normal running time is supposed to feel like 7ºF. I’m capable of running in cold, but that’s a little extreme for me. I don’t think I even have appropriate clothes to handle it.

I’m hoping I can find time later in the day to make it over there, but there’s a big obstacle which may prevent that. Literally.


Sorry for the partially obscured upstairs window photo – I’m too tired/cold/lazy to make a better effort.

Thanks to our lovely winter storm, we lost a tree overnight. We were fortunate in that it didn’t hit the house or anything else, but it did fall right across the driveway. I’m concerned that it’s going to prevent me from getting out to run tomorrow, and even worse – it could keep me from going to the hockey game tomorrow night. We’ll see.

In other news, my oldies playlist from last Thursday wasn’t all that great for running, but it was a good playlist for loving music. I’m going back to my old standby until I have a chance to put a new one together.