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I can’t stop signing up for stuff!

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Run or Dye was on my list (yes, I have an actual list because I’m one of those weird spreadsheet people) of races I wanted to do, but I was debating it because money, as always, is an issue. However, a friend posted a link to a Living Social deal for it the other day that took a significant chunk out of the cost, so I went ahead and signed up. J. will be doing that one with me. I’m also trying to talk my mom into going so she can take Z. in the stroller, but it’s not a big deal because they’ll both be at Color Me Rad the following weekend. yyayy yYyv <— Z. just hopped up here and typed that. Clearly she’s excited.

By the way, the link above for Run or Dye is mine from Living Social. If you’re inclined to sign up for the Nashville event, I’d love it if you’d use it. I think if three people use my link, they refund my registration fee, which would be a huge help. So here it is again.



Today I got to sign up for one I’d really been hoping to do, but I wasn’t sure about it because it was pricey – the Country Music 5K, which is a sub-event of the big Country Music Marathon & 1/2 Marathon. This one is too early for a lot of people, but 6:45 is actually the same time I run most weekdays. Of course, I’ll have to get up a lot earlier to get downtown and navigate the traffic. I fully intend to run the half marathon next year.

In even less interesting news, I ran pretty fast (for me) yesterday. I have spent some time wondering if some sort of glitch made Runkeeper fuck this one up, but supposedly this happened:

WTF, Mile 1?

WTF, Mile 1?

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April 9, 2014 at 1:40 am


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The Color Run

I did my first 5K last weekend. The Color Run was super fun, and I will definitely do it again every time it comes to town. In hindsight, I wish I’d dressed warmer. The temperature was in the low 50s, which is normally capri and tank top running weather for me, but it was raining and very windy, so we were FREEZING. I’m doing Color Me Rad in June, so I think it will be even more fun with the whole not shivering thing.

The event was very walker-friendly, which is great – I believed up until a couple of weeks ago that I would probably have to walk part of it. The one problem was that a lot of them got in the way. I couldn’t believe that so many people didn’t get the concept of slow traffic staying to the right. There were even people stopping to take selfies on the left side of the course. There aren’t many things that annoy me more than inconsiderate people. On the other hand, being slowed down made for the most comfortable run I’ve ever had. I really didn’t feel taxed by it at all.

I also discovered that downtown is pretty cool without all the tourists. Of course, they’re the reason things are pretty nice around there, so I’ll let them slide. Nevertheless, running through a cloud of purple cornstarch in Printer’s Alley was way more fun than navigating through a bunch of people in cowboy hats* down there.

The Color Run

My run yesterday afternoon didn’t go great – I got in two solid miles before I kept stopping to walk. It was another case of starting out too fast, plus I’d been eating all day. That’s what I get for not getting my ass out of bed to run in the morning. Ultimately I burned enough calories to make me happy, but it still bugs me when I don’t get in the mileage I set out to do.

I did way better this morning. I am working on upping my distance a little bit at a time, so I did 3.25 miles without being any more worn out than an average day. Tomorrow’s a take it easy and walk day, but I’m hoping to do 3.3 miles on Thursday.

A friend has just about got me talked into doing a 10K in August, so that’s why I’m working on increasing my distance. I want to try doing that for a couple of weeks and see how quickly I’m making progress before I decide for sure.

This Saturday I have the Richland Creek Run. Obviously I can’t run all 5 miles, but I’m going to do at least 3.25. It sounds like I’ll sort of be doing this one by myself. I think J. is going to walk it (maybe with the stroller) because his knees aren’t so great. That only mildly freaks me out now that I’ve done one race and have a little bit of an idea what to expect. I guess that’s kind of dumb, since I run alone nearly every morning, and I do so on part of the course for this race.

I’ve got a couple of playlists to share. The first is one I made last week. It’s a fun one, and I’ve been listening to it on the course and in the car. Here it is:


I gave new one – from FitSugar – a try this morning. I liked most of it, but I’m prone to like anything that includes The Postal Service. Here’s that one:


*Keep wearing those hats, folks. That’s how we know you’re just visiting.


Running for ice cream

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I ran my 30 minutes this morning – a little more slowly this time. It was a bit better today. I guess that’s partly because I was going slower and partly because I am getting used to it. A few hours later, I walked the same loop with a friend (and Z in a stroller), so I got in a good six miles on the greenway today. I met my Fitbit step goal (11,500) before noon, and it’s currently at 18,160. I have also supposedly burned over 2,500 calories. Whoa. I’m incredibly tired, but not sore or anything like that.

I try and get in a walk with my friend once a week, usually on my non-running day, but we haven’t gotten to do the whole loop of the greenway lately because it’s usually so cold. Normally we walk the tiny track in the community center and don’t do more than two miles because it’s kind of boring in there. Since better weather is on the way, I’m thinking I’m going to add in more walks. It sounds a little excessive, but if it’s not injuring me, I don’t see why it would be a problem. I guess it will just depend on how much time I have.

Thanks to all of the walking and running, I had a milkshake at Bobbie’s Dairy Dip and didn’t feel the least bit guilty about it. I run for ice cream, y’all.

I was changing clothes today and caught my first glimpse of some needed change. I mean, I can tell overall that I’m losing weight and taking on a shape other than blob, but I really hadn’t picked up on anything specific before today. Anyway, I noticed that the love handles have shrunken down considerably. Hopefully they’ll be totally gone in time for bathing suit weather. It surprised me because I really haven’t lost much weight lately. Maybe I’m just trading fat for muscle.

Don't trust the scale. Trust your jeans.

I’m also seeing a little muscle tone and less fat in my bicep area, which is good. I’ve avoided tank tops for the last couple of years because of my arms, but they’re getting better. I haven’t focused much on upper body exercises or anything other than running for a variety of reasons, but I plan on getting to it. I’m doing ok at throwing in a few crunches and half push-ups every day or every other day, and I suspect the latter must be what’s helping my arms.

It looks like I’ll be doing the Richland Creek Run the weekend after The Color Run. I’d been interested in it long before I ever gave serious thought to running, but I didn’t think I should do it this year because it’s 5 miles. However, a friend who had registered mentioned today that she wasn’t going to be able to make it, so I decided what the hell, and now her registration will be transferred to me. I’m just going to try and run my usual 30 minutes – or more if I feel like I can – and walk the balance. More than half of the course is on or near the greenway route I run almost every morning, so hopefully that will make me more comfortable with it.

The problem with this whole running thing is that now I want to sign up for ALL THE 5Ks, but MONEY. I’m super interested in doing the Country Music Mini Marathon (a 5k), but it’s $65 per participant at this point. I’m looking into a free registration that might be available (sorry, St. Jude – I’d give you a million dollars if I had it), so we’ll see. There are only 1,500 spots for that one, so I’m wondering if I can even do it if I don’t hurry up and register. The half marathon is definitely on my list for 2015 or 2016, but obviously I can’t do that this year. The marathon? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah right.

As an aside, I just want to clarify that I don’t really go for what my beloved hometown calls country music these days. That’s kind of the way it goes when you grow up in Nashville. 🙂

I listened to the playlist I made that I mentioned yesterday. Um, LOVE IT. Good job, me. I need to start thinking about the next one, I guess. I want to get the most out of what I have left of Spotify Premium before it expires.

Oh shit, I am so tired.

Better than no run at all

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I’m tired.

J. ran with me on Saturday, since he’s doing The Color Run and Color Me Rad with me. He ran in high school, so he has a lot more experience and was able to jump in and do 25 minutes without working up to it. I did it as well. It was tough, but I didn’t feel like I was going to die or anything. I think I ran a little faster than I would’ve liked. I guess I was trying to keep up. In addition to having running experience, J. is 6’4″, so he can cover a lot of ground.

I had every intention of running another 25 minutes on my own Sunday, but I realized that my legs were really tired and could use a break, so I skipped it.

This afternoon J. and I set out to do another 25 minutes, but it didn’t really work out. First we couldn’t find an available grandparent to watch Z. for 40 minutes or so, so we had to bring her a long and run in consecutive shifts. Unfortunately my shift ended early. I think I got in about 18 or 19 minutes of running, which isn’t bad, but it’s not progress. I was having a tough time, but I kept pushing through until I just couldn’t do it anymore. I was out of breath! I think I was running too fast.

After that, I traded off with J. and took the stroller so he could run. I think he only got in 18 minutes as well. I’ll just have to try again tomorrow. Anyway, all of this pushed my training schedule back a couple of days, but I’m hoping I can keep it together from here on out – meaning I would be able to run 30 minutes by next Tuesday. There’s not any reason for me to be in such a hurry to hit 30 minutes other than it being a goal I’ve set for myself.

I was really disappointed with my failure this afternoon until I looked at the numbers. I ran 2.43 miles, and then I walked an additional 1.31 miles after that, totaling 3.74 miles – a little more than I currently do on a successful run. Better still, the estimate of calories burned for both activities came in at 380. When I ran 25 minutes on Saturday, the estimate for calories burned came up at 330.

I listened to most of the mix I made the other day. Meh. It serves its purpose. I am willing to listen to some stuff while running that I wouldn’t enjoy in other situations. I guess it’s the tempo.

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March 11, 2014 at 5:29 am


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I ordered some stuff from The Color Run store, and they shipped super fast. I got the Women’s Tri-Blend Tank (in white), Women’s Signature Shorts, Classic Stack Socks (in white) and hair ties. I guess I went a little overboard.

The shorts are either getting sold to someone on my team, or they’re going back. They are too big – I went by the measurements on the site and ordered the size I thought my crazy hips necessitated, but they look ridiculous. I thought about exchanging them for a smaller size, but I just don’t like them very much, and I’m not really fond of stuff with writing on the butt. I mostly only got them because they were cheaper than any white shorts I’d find elsewhere – and white shorts aren’t that easy to find. Now I’m thinking that white shorts probably aren’t necessary.

The tank top is a different story. That particular one was actually my second choice because the white burnout tanks were out of stock. The sizing chart on the website was pretty accurate for this one; I had to get an XL because – there’s no polite way to say it – I’ve got an overabundance in the boob department. The sizing chart actually made it appear as though the XL would be a bit too small through the bust, and it is pretty snug. I figure that I can remedy that with whatever weight loss I can make happen in the next month plus my usual double sports bra arrangement. Having tits saved me a bundle in the first year of my child’s life, but they sure are a pain in the ass. Or the chest. You know what I mean.

Oh, and one other note on the tank top, if you’re considering getting one – it’s pretty thin. I don’t know if I actually care enough to wear another tank top under it on race day. I guess that just depends on how I’m feeling about my body that particular day.

The socks are socks. They’re a little thinner than I thought they’d be, but at $10, I wasn’t expecting Swiftwick (WHICH I LOVE, AND YOU SHOULD GO BUY A PAIR RIGHT NOW. SERIOUSLY. SO WORTH IT.). I haven’t tried them on yet, but I guess I’ll probably take them for a spin or two before the race just to make sure they don’t drive me crazy.

The hair ties* didn’t impress me much. I mean, how impressive can they be, right? But I guess the colors just don’t look as vibrant as they did online. I could’ve gotten more colorful ones at the drug store for a couple of dollars less. Oh well.

Color Run gear

The shorts are in the plastic bag. The ponytail holders look more colorful in this photo than they do in reality.

In other news, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to run tomorrow. For some reason, I decided to try out some Nair on my thighs. UM HELL NO. My skin has big red burns now. It’s like a REALLY BAD sunburn. If I sit still, it’s not so bad, but when I move or stand, it feels like people are holding hot irons on my legs. FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCK.

*I grew up calling them ponytail holders, so saying hair ties feels so weird to me, but that seems to be what everyone else calls them.

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February 25, 2014 at 7:13 am


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Whew. The C25K app I’ve been using got a little more difficult on me today. Running for five straight minutes is nothing to a lot of people, but it was a challenge for me. I think that was about as much as I was able to do before I got hurt last October, so everything from here forward is progress.

The previous level of the app had me running 1.5 minutes, walking 2 minutes, running 3 minutes, then walking another 2 (these are always sandwiched between a 5 minute warm up and a 5 minute cool down) twice. Today it was running 3 minutes, walking 1.5 minutes (I think), running 5 minutes, followed by another 1.5 minute walk, then repeating the whole thing. I had to slow to a walk for a little bit during the second 5 minute stretch, but that was more because I had been running up a relatively steep hill than because of the length of time I had to run.

I covered a lot more ground and cut my time quite a bit today. It’s not that I was running faster, but that I was running more of the time than usual. In fact, I did a pretty good job of keeping at a slow and steady pace today. I’ve had a tough time doing that, so I wear out fast. It’s important for me to get a handle on that, since I’ve got those 5Ks coming up.

Speaking of… I got around to registering for The Color Run yesterday, this time as part of a team. I’m very excited about it! Plus, who doesn’t like getting free crap?

The Color Run - swag

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February 23, 2014 at 2:52 am

Oh yeah, I forgot about that

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About that 5K…

I knew I wanted to do one of the color races, since those look like the most fun. First I looked into The Color Run, as it’s the one I’d heard about the most. Unfortunately, that one is coming to town on March 29, and I didn’t feel like I could possibly be ready in time.

Eventually I found my way to Color Me Rad, which won’t be here until June 22nd. I feel like I will probably be able to run the whole thing by then. Anyway, I signed up myself and J, and later convinced my mom to sign up so she could walk Z through it in the stroller.

I didn’t really realize at first how casual these races are, so I was a little freaked out and intimidated, but now that I’ve read that there are a lot of walkers and first timers, I’m really excited – which brings me to today’s decision…

A friend mentioned on Facebook that she wanted to do The Color Run, and I decided, “Fuck it. I’m doing this.” I was excited enough about Color Me Rad that it was going to be tough to wait until late June anyway.

I realized, too, that I don’t have to feel pressure to be “ready,” since I have the option of walking if that’s what I need to do. The Couch-to-5K training plan I’m using should be within a couple days of its finish by then if all goes according to plan, so I may be doing better than I think running-wise by the time the race rolls around. My goal at this point, though, is to have fun. So yay.

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February 20, 2014 at 2:03 am

Here we go

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Yesterday I signed up for my first race. EEK!

It’s just a 5K, which probably doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a big deal to me, especially since I’m starting back at the beginning with running. I got out in the cold today, did a pretty good job, and I felt great after. I’m enthusiastic about it again, which is great.

My hope is that, since I’m not running for the first time ever at this point, maybe I will get back to the condition I was in in early October fairly quickly. I certainly wasn’t ready for a race then, but I was on my way. I’m still not quite motivated to drive to the greenway at the crack of dawn (baby steps here), so I’m running in my neighborhood, which is actually much harder. I live on a ginormous hill, so there are a lot of inclines on my route. Maybe when I get back to the greenway, it will seem easy.

This started out being about losing weight, but it means a lot more to me than that now.

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February 10, 2014 at 10:52 am

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