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I guess I can’t order anything online ever

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Oh, for heaven’s sake!

So this is a totally different ridiculous shipping problem, which may be the Postal Service’s fault, but probably isn’t.

So, we are doing cloth diapers for the baby, primarily because it is less expensive than using disposables. That said, it’s hard for someone as cheap as I am to spend $13-$20 per diaper, especially while I’m not working. My solution for this was to hop on eBay and look for a deal. This, of course, led to cheap diapers from China. I can’t remember exactly what it worked out to per diaper, but it was less than $5, and maybe less than $4. Big difference.

The first step was to look at the sellers’ feedback ratings, which were good. I had to order from two different sellers, but the product was the same for each. Ten cloth diapers and ten inserts in a brand called Babyland from each seller.

Seller Number One shipped them quickly, but they took quite awhile to get here. I expected that – after all, they were coming from China. Also, I ordered them in late January so I knew they would be here before the baby.

Finally the day came when my package arrived, but it was REALLY small. There was no way there were ten diapers and ten inserts inside. There weren’t. There was one diaper and one insert. I was pissed, but I remained calm.

I emailed the seller, who was super nice. He told me to keep the one I received at no charge and that he would ship out the original order of ten right away, which he did. Eventually I got them and was happy. Everybody makes mistakes, and I’m not going to give somebody bad feedback over something like that.

Meanwhile, I was getting awfully nervous about Seller Number Two. The package had not yet been marked as shipped on eBay. I just kept watching it until one day I got a notification that it had shipped. The listing said that items typically shipped within 3 days, but it took just over a month for the seller to even put my diapers in the mail. Again, I was pissed, but I still had some time before the baby was due, so I decided to be patient.

Unfortunately, there was no tracking number attached to the package. Then I noticed that a lady who had ordered the same item from the seller had just left negative feedback and a note that said “Never received purchase. Seller forgot about my purchase.” That made me a little nervous, so I went ahead and emailed him to inquire about a tracking number.

The seller replied with the tracking number, but there was no “hey, I’m sorry it took me a damn month to mail your package.”

I noticed the other day that the package had arrived in L.A., so I was feeling much better about it. Fast forward to twenty minutes ago when I decided to track the package again. I see a red circle with an exclamation point in it and “Shipment Alert” next to it. Great. WHAT NOW?

Apparently the diapers were indeed delivered today – TO BOUNTIFUL, UTAH. The last time I checked, I lived in Nashville, Tennessee. It also said that the package had been refused, so at least nobody decided to keep it like they did with my kid’s thank you notes.

Now, given my recent experience with the USPS, I could easily believe that they delivered my package to Utah. I’ve pretty much lost faith in that system. However, I could just as easily believe that the eBay seller sent them to the wrong address, given the bad experience I’ve had thus far.

If the seller sent it to the wrong address, perhaps it was actually the address of the lady who left the negative feedback. I don’t know.

Obviously I have to wait until Monday to call the USPS and see what I can find out (and beg them to ship it to me instead of returning it to China), but I was too angry to do nothing.

Having worked entirely too long in customer service, I find it difficult to openly express anger in these kind of situations, so I’ve given the seller one last chance (though I’ll be leaving negative feedback). I sent him a message explaining what I’d seen when I tracked the package and asking if he had a record of where it had been mailed. I also mentioned that I was anxious to get it, since my baby is due very soon. I don’t hold out a lot of hope, but we’ll see.

At this stage, I don’t have time to order more diapers from China – we have just under five weeks until the baby’s due date, but I don’t really expect it to take that long given the most recent news about her size. I guess we will have to buy expensive diapers from somewhere in the US*.

*I can’t find a freaking bricks and mortar store in Nashville that sells cloth diapers! You can get the Gerber pre-folds, but no all-in-ones, pocket diapers or even cloth diaper covers. I know the majority of people use disposables, but it seems like there’s got to be enough of a market for cloth diapers for the stores to have a few.

Written by janeqpublic

March 18, 2012 at 9:25 am