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Back at it

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What a sucktacular week. Between ice storms, a driveway blocked by a tree, and an awful stomach virus, I was glad to get back to the greenway this morning. Running went well – I did 22 straight minutes this morning (a new record for me), and I handled it pretty well. Apparently I’m not fully recovered from the hell virus, because it shook my stomach up a bit, but I think I’ll be fine tomorrow.

It was around 30ºF which, at this point, isn’t a big deal to me. I did two consecutive days this week (or maybe last week… I don’t know what day it is anymore!) in 22ºF, so that has changed my perspective. I’ll be thankful when things are a little warmer though, because I hate dragging so much shit along to stay warm. I’m ready to leave the gloves, hat, neck gaiter and jacket behind.

Tomorrow I jump from 22 minutes to 25, and barring unexpected occurrences like those of this week, my schedule shows that I should be doing 30 minutes by next Saturday. That was my first running goal, so I’ll reassess from there.

I’m overdue for a fresh running playlist, and I figured that I should make one that fell around 40 minutes to cover the warm up and cool down in addition to the run, so I threw one together. There aren’t any songs on here that I feel super strongly about, so I don’t know how much I’ll enjoy this one. At heart, I’m a music lover, so I have it in my head that every playlist has to be this epic thing into which I’ve poured my feelings. In reality, I don’t have time for that most days. So if it sucks, that’s my excuse.


Sooooo weak

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I don’t know how a small child recovered more quickly from a stomach bug than her parents, but I’m glad. J seems to be a lot better, but with a little dehydration. I think I was hit the hardest, so I’m still struggling to bounce back.

My stomach troubles seem to be over, but I’ve got a gnarly stomach virus hangover. I’m exhaust and weak, and worst of all, I have this stupid headache from the dehydration. Oh, and my hips are aching. Weird.


Pedialyte. Ick.

I suppose I don’t have to feel guilty about not running yesterday or today. I lost five pounds in a matter of hours yesterday. The stomach virus diet is not one I can recommend. I would have preferred hard work and watching what I ate to the misery that caused the weight loss.

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March 6, 2014 at 8:25 pm

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Not great

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It’s an honor* to be initiated into the club of parents whose entire household gets taken down by a stomach bug. I guess I should be grateful that we made it through nearly two years as parents before this happened. I’ll get right on that grateful thing as soon as I’m done feeling like dog shit.

Needless to say, I didn’t run today. I’ll feel guilty about that – again, when I stop feeling like used Dog Chow.

Judging by how long Z was sick, this should be over pretty quickly. Bleh.

Time for me to get back to thinking I’m going to puke/never puking.

*not an honor

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March 6, 2014 at 5:35 am

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Here’s a thing that I did

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February 1, 2014 at 9:41 pm

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My knee’s been fine, and I’ve been running every other day. I’m getting better (and faster) every time, and I really like it. I still haven’t encountered a day when I’ve dreaded it, though I guess the weather could do that at some point. We have a pretty new community center in the area, so I guess I need to try out their indoor track.

I got new shoes, so there’s no turning back now.


Nike Free 5.0+ … snazzy!

I’ve finally started letting the husband and child sleep in while I go out, and I’ve been taking my dog Jack along for safety purposes. I really need to get some pepper spray so I don’t have to take him every time. Believe it or not, he slows me down. As you can see, though, he could use the exercise as much as I:


My running buddy is exhausted.

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August 10, 2013 at 1:18 am

Exciting Knee Stuff! (that’s a lie)

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Ha. The knee straps didn’t end up being so magical after all. I don’t know why they worked so well the first time I put them on. I don’t think it was a placebo effect, because I was in pretty bad pain, so who knows. Every subsequent time I’ve put them on, I’ve had varying levels of success or none at all.

The day after my last post, I went for a run with the knee straps on. The pain was apparent almost immediately, so I turned around and walked back to the car. It pretty much got worse and worse from there.

Fortunately, I had some pain medication (as in the real stuff) left over from my septoplasty, so that was helpful, but that stuff kind of makes me feel like crap after a couple of days. Eventually I was able to manage it with ibuprofen, and now I don’t need that. I realized this evening that there was no pain, so I’m going to sit out one more day and get back at it Tuesday morning with the knee straps.

I’m headed to Florida in October, and I’d like to be able to run for an extended period of time while I’m there. I have no idea how much I’ll be able to do, though. Prior to getting hurt I was only doing one minute at a time, and I’m sure I’ve lost any progress that I made, so I’ll be starting over Tuesday morning.

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July 29, 2013 at 1:03 pm

Ugh… a setback

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According to my husband and Dr. Google, I have patellar tendinitis. The description sounds right anyway. Anyway, it cost me a day of running (couldn’t have walked either), and I worry that I may lose the small amount of progress I’ve made. However, J.R. ran out and got me a couple of knee straps, and they relieved almost all of the pain immediately. I was sort of amazed.

I need to read up on this problem a little more closely, but J.R. made it sound like the knee straps were going to have to be a permanent thing for me when I’m running. I’ve got a checkup somewhere in the not-too-distant future, so I’ll let the doctor decide for sure.

The other day I messing with the app I use to track calories (Lose It!), and I had a little surprise. I wanted to make sure I was still ok to be eating the number of calories I had been – almost 1500 – since I’ve lost some weight. Um no. It turns out that, during one of my failed attempts at dieting, I had put in an adjustment to add 225 to the number of calories allowed since I was still producing milk at the time. I guess I never removed it.  It’s not a huge deal, since that’s around the amount that I’ve been burning on my running days, and I’m exercising and swimming on the in-between days, but it was still a surprise.

I’ve fixed it now, and it’s at 1266. I’m sad to see the calories go, but this may jumpstart my weight loss some. I haven’t seen a change in about a week, though that’s probably related to the running.

I guess I need to start eating a ton of produce if I want to stay within the limit without starving.

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July 19, 2013 at 8:50 am