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I can’t stop signing up for stuff!

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Run or Dye was on my list (yes, I have an actual list because I’m one of those weird spreadsheet people) of races I wanted to do, but I was debating it because money, as always, is an issue. However, a friend posted a link to a Living Social deal for it the other day that took a significant chunk out of the cost, so I went ahead and signed up. J. will be doing that one with me. I’m also trying to talk my mom into going so she can take Z. in the stroller, but it’s not a big deal because they’ll both be at Color Me Rad the following weekend. yyayy yYyv <— Z. just hopped up here and typed that. Clearly she’s excited.

By the way, the link above for Run or Dye is mine from Living Social. If you’re inclined to sign up for the Nashville event, I’d love it if you’d use it. I think if three people use my link, they refund my registration fee, which would be a huge help. So here it is again.



Today I got to sign up for one I’d really been hoping to do, but I wasn’t sure about it because it was pricey – the Country Music 5K, which is a sub-event of the big Country Music Marathon & 1/2 Marathon. This one is too early for a lot of people, but 6:45 is actually the same time I run most weekdays. Of course, I’ll have to get up a lot earlier to get downtown and navigate the traffic. I fully intend to run the half marathon next year.

In even less interesting news, I ran pretty fast (for me) yesterday. I have spent some time wondering if some sort of glitch made Runkeeper fuck this one up, but supposedly this happened:

WTF, Mile 1?

WTF, Mile 1?

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April 9, 2014 at 1:40 am

Richland Creek Run VIII

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So, um…

This morning was the Richland Creek Run. I ran 3.31 miles Thursday morning, so my goal today was to run the first 3.35 miles of the race and walk the remainder. It didn’t quite go as I’d planned.

When I was somewhere beyond three miles in (3.25, I later found out), my headphones bit the dust as did my phone battery. I was really annoyed because this meant I wasn’t going to know exactly how much of it I ran, and I’m kind of a stats nerd when it comes to this stuff.

So I decided to keep running.

And running.

And running.

When I hit Mile 4, stopping to walk just wasn’t an option. I wouldn’t have forgiven myself. Also, for some reason it felt pretty easy after I hit three miles.

So I did it. I ran all five miles of the race.

I’ve learned in the time I’ve been running that you end up doing things you thought you couldn’t do – or that you wouldn’t be able to do for a long time. Still, this surprised me!

That much work was stressful on my knees, so I may have to take an unplanned rest day tomorrow.

Until then…

Richland Creek Run



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April 6, 2014 at 7:23 am


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The Color Run

I did my first 5K last weekend. The Color Run was super fun, and I will definitely do it again every time it comes to town. In hindsight, I wish I’d dressed warmer. The temperature was in the low 50s, which is normally capri and tank top running weather for me, but it was raining and very windy, so we were FREEZING. I’m doing Color Me Rad in June, so I think it will be even more fun with the whole not shivering thing.

The event was very walker-friendly, which is great – I believed up until a couple of weeks ago that I would probably have to walk part of it. The one problem was that a lot of them got in the way. I couldn’t believe that so many people didn’t get the concept of slow traffic staying to the right. There were even people stopping to take selfies on the left side of the course. There aren’t many things that annoy me more than inconsiderate people. On the other hand, being slowed down made for the most comfortable run I’ve ever had. I really didn’t feel taxed by it at all.

I also discovered that downtown is pretty cool without all the tourists. Of course, they’re the reason things are pretty nice around there, so I’ll let them slide. Nevertheless, running through a cloud of purple cornstarch in Printer’s Alley was way more fun than navigating through a bunch of people in cowboy hats* down there.

The Color Run

My run yesterday afternoon didn’t go great – I got in two solid miles before I kept stopping to walk. It was another case of starting out too fast, plus I’d been eating all day. That’s what I get for not getting my ass out of bed to run in the morning. Ultimately I burned enough calories to make me happy, but it still bugs me when I don’t get in the mileage I set out to do.

I did way better this morning. I am working on upping my distance a little bit at a time, so I did 3.25 miles without being any more worn out than an average day. Tomorrow’s a take it easy and walk day, but I’m hoping to do 3.3 miles on Thursday.

A friend has just about got me talked into doing a 10K in August, so that’s why I’m working on increasing my distance. I want to try doing that for a couple of weeks and see how quickly I’m making progress before I decide for sure.

This Saturday I have the Richland Creek Run. Obviously I can’t run all 5 miles, but I’m going to do at least 3.25. It sounds like I’ll sort of be doing this one by myself. I think J. is going to walk it (maybe with the stroller) because his knees aren’t so great. That only mildly freaks me out now that I’ve done one race and have a little bit of an idea what to expect. I guess that’s kind of dumb, since I run alone nearly every morning, and I do so on part of the course for this race.

I’ve got a couple of playlists to share. The first is one I made last week. It’s a fun one, and I’ve been listening to it on the course and in the car. Here it is:


I gave new one – from FitSugar – a try this morning. I liked most of it, but I’m prone to like anything that includes The Postal Service. Here’s that one:


*Keep wearing those hats, folks. That’s how we know you’re just visiting.


Oh yeah, I forgot about that

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About that 5K…

I knew I wanted to do one of the color races, since those look like the most fun. First I looked into The Color Run, as it’s the one I’d heard about the most. Unfortunately, that one is coming to town on March 29, and I didn’t feel like I could possibly be ready in time.

Eventually I found my way to Color Me Rad, which won’t be here until June 22nd. I feel like I will probably be able to run the whole thing by then. Anyway, I signed up myself and J, and later convinced my mom to sign up so she could walk Z through it in the stroller.

I didn’t really realize at first how casual these races are, so I was a little freaked out and intimidated, but now that I’ve read that there are a lot of walkers and first timers, I’m really excited – which brings me to today’s decision…

A friend mentioned on Facebook that she wanted to do The Color Run, and I decided, “Fuck it. I’m doing this.” I was excited enough about Color Me Rad that it was going to be tough to wait until late June anyway.

I realized, too, that I don’t have to feel pressure to be “ready,” since I have the option of walking if that’s what I need to do. The Couch-to-5K training plan I’m using should be within a couple days of its finish by then if all goes according to plan, so I may be doing better than I think running-wise by the time the race rolls around. My goal at this point, though, is to have fun. So yay.

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February 20, 2014 at 2:03 am

Thanks for screwing me again, USPS

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So I ranted and raved about the USPS as well as the shipment of cloth diapers from China, and I was going to post the [sort of] conclusion to the story, but then I decided not to bother. Today a separate problem cropped up, so I may as well tie up the loose ends so I can tell you why I hate the US Postal Service this week.

Ok, the thank you notes: The second shipment from VistaPrint arrived quickly. I liked them and that was great. Unfortunately, about three days later the postman showed up with the original shipment which had been delivered to the wrong address (my address was correct on the label). Apparently whoever got it took their time turning it in, which sucks, but it’s not their job to fix the mail carrier’s mistakes. I refused the package. That mostly ends that story, though I wonder if they’ll ever pay our claim on the package, or if I just threw $100 away.

Now for the diapers: I heard back from the eBay seller pretty promptly, and he said he’d sent me the wrong tracking number and then gave me the right one. By the time he sent the number, the diapers were already in the US and I got them a few days later. Good enough. There’s no baby butt here yet anyway.

Moving on…

Nowadays when you’re pregnant you get a lot of information on cord blood banking (after the stupid maternity store sells your contact information to any and everyone). Cord blood banking isn’t a bad idea if you can afford it, and especially if there is some sort of genetic disorder in your family, but it’s very expensive. However, if you aren’t able to spend the money on banking cord blood, you also have the option to donate it so that it might help someone else. That is the option that we chose.

The process goes like this: First you fill out a really long form with lots of medical questions meant to screen out cord blood that they can’t use for one reason or another. In the case of the company we had to go through, their form said something about how it could be submitted online, but we never could locate a place to fill it out and submit it via internet. Plus, I’m not sure how they do that since they need two or three signatures from your doctor. The form is then mailed to the company, who must receive it before your 34th week of pregnancy. After that, they send you a collection kit that your doctor uses right after the baby is born. This is then sent back to the tissue bank and you’re done.

We hit a snag. Of course.

At my doctor’s appointment last week she asked if I’d gotten the kit. I’d been so busy thinking about other things that it hadn’t occurred to me that the kit never arrived. This was a little bothersome because I’m so far along – I’ll be at 37 weeks on Friday – and feel like labor could start at any moment (ohpleaseohpleaseohplease!).

So this morning I called the tissue bank to see what the hold up was… The lady checked every which way, but I was not in their computer. They never received my form. In other words, the United States Postal Service bent me over once again.

It doesn’t matter that I have the forms filled out on my computer and that I could take them with me to the doctor tomorrow to have her sign them again – because I’m too far along to submit them now. Thank goodness I wasn’t trying to bank the cord blood because of some genetic risk to my child, but I hate to think that someone else could have been helped by the donation and will now miss out.

But there is my more concrete complaint: The forms contained my full name, maiden name, date of birth, address and social security number. They also had my medical history, which doesn’t concern me. I just hope they end up in the hands of someone who is honest enough to return it or at least just throw it away.

We mailed those forms off before my other problems with the post office began, but I certainly won’t send anything like that through them in the future. Ugh.

UPDATE: Less than a minute after I got done typing this, I got a text from my husband saying that the post office had the forms and he now has them. They were returned, but he has no idea why. He went in to ask them WTF the deal was and they had them. I’m not sure why they hadn’t returned them to us. So I’m relieved that I can shred all of the info now, but I’m still pissed that this happened.

I said a bad word that started with mother and ended with fuckers, but I guess that drama is over.

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March 29, 2012 at 1:40 am

I guess I can’t order anything online ever

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Oh, for heaven’s sake!

So this is a totally different ridiculous shipping problem, which may be the Postal Service’s fault, but probably isn’t.

So, we are doing cloth diapers for the baby, primarily because it is less expensive than using disposables. That said, it’s hard for someone as cheap as I am to spend $13-$20 per diaper, especially while I’m not working. My solution for this was to hop on eBay and look for a deal. This, of course, led to cheap diapers from China. I can’t remember exactly what it worked out to per diaper, but it was less than $5, and maybe less than $4. Big difference.

The first step was to look at the sellers’ feedback ratings, which were good. I had to order from two different sellers, but the product was the same for each. Ten cloth diapers and ten inserts in a brand called Babyland from each seller.

Seller Number One shipped them quickly, but they took quite awhile to get here. I expected that – after all, they were coming from China. Also, I ordered them in late January so I knew they would be here before the baby.

Finally the day came when my package arrived, but it was REALLY small. There was no way there were ten diapers and ten inserts inside. There weren’t. There was one diaper and one insert. I was pissed, but I remained calm.

I emailed the seller, who was super nice. He told me to keep the one I received at no charge and that he would ship out the original order of ten right away, which he did. Eventually I got them and was happy. Everybody makes mistakes, and I’m not going to give somebody bad feedback over something like that.

Meanwhile, I was getting awfully nervous about Seller Number Two. The package had not yet been marked as shipped on eBay. I just kept watching it until one day I got a notification that it had shipped. The listing said that items typically shipped within 3 days, but it took just over a month for the seller to even put my diapers in the mail. Again, I was pissed, but I still had some time before the baby was due, so I decided to be patient.

Unfortunately, there was no tracking number attached to the package. Then I noticed that a lady who had ordered the same item from the seller had just left negative feedback and a note that said “Never received purchase. Seller forgot about my purchase.” That made me a little nervous, so I went ahead and emailed him to inquire about a tracking number.

The seller replied with the tracking number, but there was no “hey, I’m sorry it took me a damn month to mail your package.”

I noticed the other day that the package had arrived in L.A., so I was feeling much better about it. Fast forward to twenty minutes ago when I decided to track the package again. I see a red circle with an exclamation point in it and “Shipment Alert” next to it. Great. WHAT NOW?

Apparently the diapers were indeed delivered today – TO BOUNTIFUL, UTAH. The last time I checked, I lived in Nashville, Tennessee. It also said that the package had been refused, so at least nobody decided to keep it like they did with my kid’s thank you notes.

Now, given my recent experience with the USPS, I could easily believe that they delivered my package to Utah. I’ve pretty much lost faith in that system. However, I could just as easily believe that the eBay seller sent them to the wrong address, given the bad experience I’ve had thus far.

If the seller sent it to the wrong address, perhaps it was actually the address of the lady who left the negative feedback. I don’t know.

Obviously I have to wait until Monday to call the USPS and see what I can find out (and beg them to ship it to me instead of returning it to China), but I was too angry to do nothing.

Having worked entirely too long in customer service, I find it difficult to openly express anger in these kind of situations, so I’ve given the seller one last chance (though I’ll be leaving negative feedback). I sent him a message explaining what I’d seen when I tracked the package and asking if he had a record of where it had been mailed. I also mentioned that I was anxious to get it, since my baby is due very soon. I don’t hold out a lot of hope, but we’ll see.

At this stage, I don’t have time to order more diapers from China – we have just under five weeks until the baby’s due date, but I don’t really expect it to take that long given the most recent news about her size. I guess we will have to buy expensive diapers from somewhere in the US*.

*I can’t find a freaking bricks and mortar store in Nashville that sells cloth diapers! You can get the Gerber pre-folds, but no all-in-ones, pocket diapers or even cloth diaper covers. I know the majority of people use disposables, but it seems like there’s got to be enough of a market for cloth diapers for the stores to have a few.

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March 18, 2012 at 9:25 am

It’s getting old, guys

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Quit complaining about Nashville. If you don’t like it, make a difference or leave.

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March 1, 2012 at 4:18 am

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