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Richland Creek Run VIII

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So, um…

This morning was the Richland Creek Run. I ran 3.31 miles Thursday morning, so my goal today was to run the first 3.35 miles of the race and walk the remainder. It didn’t quite go as I’d planned.

When I was somewhere beyond three miles in (3.25, I later found out), my headphones bit the dust as did my phone battery. I was really annoyed because this meant I wasn’t going to know exactly how much of it I ran, and I’m kind of a stats nerd when it comes to this stuff.

So I decided to keep running.

And running.

And running.

When I hit Mile 4, stopping to walk just wasn’t an option. I wouldn’t have forgiven myself. Also, for some reason it felt pretty easy after I hit three miles.

So I did it. I ran all five miles of the race.

I’ve learned in the time I’ve been running that you end up doing things you thought you couldn’t do – or that you wouldn’t be able to do for a long time. Still, this surprised me!

That much work was stressful on my knees, so I may have to take an unplanned rest day tomorrow.

Until then…

Richland Creek Run



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April 6, 2014 at 7:23 am


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The Color Run

I did my first 5K last weekend. The Color Run was super fun, and I will definitely do it again every time it comes to town. In hindsight, I wish I’d dressed warmer. The temperature was in the low 50s, which is normally capri and tank top running weather for me, but it was raining and very windy, so we were FREEZING. I’m doing Color Me Rad in June, so I think it will be even more fun with the whole not shivering thing.

The event was very walker-friendly, which is great – I believed up until a couple of weeks ago that I would probably have to walk part of it. The one problem was that a lot of them got in the way. I couldn’t believe that so many people didn’t get the concept of slow traffic staying to the right. There were even people stopping to take selfies on the left side of the course. There aren’t many things that annoy me more than inconsiderate people. On the other hand, being slowed down made for the most comfortable run I’ve ever had. I really didn’t feel taxed by it at all.

I also discovered that downtown is pretty cool without all the tourists. Of course, they’re the reason things are pretty nice around there, so I’ll let them slide. Nevertheless, running through a cloud of purple cornstarch in Printer’s Alley was way more fun than navigating through a bunch of people in cowboy hats* down there.

The Color Run

My run yesterday afternoon didn’t go great – I got in two solid miles before I kept stopping to walk. It was another case of starting out too fast, plus I’d been eating all day. That’s what I get for not getting my ass out of bed to run in the morning. Ultimately I burned enough calories to make me happy, but it still bugs me when I don’t get in the mileage I set out to do.

I did way better this morning. I am working on upping my distance a little bit at a time, so I did 3.25 miles without being any more worn out than an average day. Tomorrow’s a take it easy and walk day, but I’m hoping to do 3.3 miles on Thursday.

A friend has just about got me talked into doing a 10K in August, so that’s why I’m working on increasing my distance. I want to try doing that for a couple of weeks and see how quickly I’m making progress before I decide for sure.

This Saturday I have the Richland Creek Run. Obviously I can’t run all 5 miles, but I’m going to do at least 3.25. It sounds like I’ll sort of be doing this one by myself. I think J. is going to walk it (maybe with the stroller) because his knees aren’t so great. That only mildly freaks me out now that I’ve done one race and have a little bit of an idea what to expect. I guess that’s kind of dumb, since I run alone nearly every morning, and I do so on part of the course for this race.

I’ve got a couple of playlists to share. The first is one I made last week. It’s a fun one, and I’ve been listening to it on the course and in the car. Here it is:


I gave new one – from FitSugar – a try this morning. I liked most of it, but I’m prone to like anything that includes The Postal Service. Here’s that one:


*Keep wearing those hats, folks. That’s how we know you’re just visiting.



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Whew. The C25K app I’ve been using got a little more difficult on me today. Running for five straight minutes is nothing to a lot of people, but it was a challenge for me. I think that was about as much as I was able to do before I got hurt last October, so everything from here forward is progress.

The previous level of the app had me running 1.5 minutes, walking 2 minutes, running 3 minutes, then walking another 2 (these are always sandwiched between a 5 minute warm up and a 5 minute cool down) twice. Today it was running 3 minutes, walking 1.5 minutes (I think), running 5 minutes, followed by another 1.5 minute walk, then repeating the whole thing. I had to slow to a walk for a little bit during the second 5 minute stretch, but that was more because I had been running up a relatively steep hill than because of the length of time I had to run.

I covered a lot more ground and cut my time quite a bit today. It’s not that I was running faster, but that I was running more of the time than usual. In fact, I did a pretty good job of keeping at a slow and steady pace today. I’ve had a tough time doing that, so I wear out fast. It’s important for me to get a handle on that, since I’ve got those 5Ks coming up.

Speaking of… I got around to registering for The Color Run yesterday, this time as part of a team. I’m very excited about it! Plus, who doesn’t like getting free crap?

The Color Run - swag

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February 23, 2014 at 2:52 am